Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've decided to do it. I've completed NaNoWriMo plenty of times before and I think I'm going to use this story that I've been working on right now as my NaNo plot. I know you need to use a new original work, which is why I'm going to start from SCRATCH when I start NaNo. And I think it's somewhere in the rules that you can use a WIP or a previous idea if you've "won" NaNo before.

Anyways, I'll be blogging about that during this upcoming month. Mostly so that I can go back and read up on the crazy that was me during that month.

In other random news, I've been slowly getting through Doctor Who. I am currently on season 3. It's fun but not quite as addictive as I had hoped. I've been watching Buffy from the beginning this week and got through all of season 1 over the weekend and started season 2.

Anyways, enough of this rambling. Back to work.

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